Strategic Leadership

Digital Programme

Strategic Leadership

Digital Programme


Motivate performance through innovative and decisive leadership

Leadership is about influence. Leaders and their teams need to empower themselves to capitalise on strategic opportunities and mitigate risks across the whole organisation within the bigger business environment.

The Strategic Leadership online programme will build your conceptual capacity for strategic leadership. It will enhance your ability to elevate organisational focus from today’s issues to tomorrow's opportunities and potential risks, cutting across organisational silos.

Who should do this course?

• Mid-level managers and leaders - to gain the knowledge and skills required for analysing business issues, then developing and implementing strategic solutions benefiting the organisation as a whole

• Leaders at any level - to gain insight into business issues and the ability to contribute to strategy formulation and implementation, which could enable promotion opportunities

What will I learn?

This programme offers you tools and models to gain a deeper understanding of the 'organisation-in-the-mind' of the leader and its implications for effective leadership, enabling you, as a leader, to have strategic conversations with your colleagues.

You will gain true leadership skills that cut across traditional silos in the business and create interdisciplinary, even inter-organisational, networks to capitalise on strategic opportunities and resolve strategic issues.

Strategic opportunities might include expansion of the business through internationalisation and risks might include multinational organisations competing with local business. This programme will provide you with insight into internationalisation and defending local businesses against global competition.

Programme breakdown

Orientation Module

The Orientation Module introduces you to the GIBS Online campus, onboards you to the programme and initiates your engagement with the GIBS expert faculty and fellow participants. You have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the programme details, how to approach online learning and the kinds of activities you will encounter during the programme.

Module One - Interdependence and Interconnectedness

  • Using lessons from nature to inform the interdependence and interconnectedness required for effective leadership in organisations

Module Two - The ‘Organisation-in-the-mind’ of the Leader

  • Using art to unlock potential for strategic leadership

Module Three - Self-empowerment Towards Strategic Leadership

  • Exploring the enablers and barriers of bigger picture strategic leadership

Module Four - Creating Networks Across Country Boundaries

  • Formal and informal, internal and external  ecosystems, and international strategic alliances

Module Five - Mapping the Territory

  • Local and global positioning - using industry as reference point and future fusion

Module Six - Integrative Application: Evaluating Strategic Initiatives

  • Bringing it all together by evaluating strategic initiatives, using specific tools and models, including the leadership principles of Agile methodologies


Throughout the programme, you will have opportunities to test your knowledge, practise application, evaluate your understanding, reflect on your insights and track your improvement with both graded and ungraded assessments.

Module assessments include reflective polls and discussions, multiple-choice quizzes, written assignments and case study applications. You will receive feedback and can discuss ways to improve with GIBS faculty and your peers.

Your expert guides

Prof Caren Scheepers

Associate Professor GIBS

Prof Caren Brenda Scheepers is an agile, energetic, innovative and seasoned faculty member at GIBS. She joined GIBS in 2007 as part-time faculty while she was running her own business and consulting across several organisations. She consulted on organisational development solutions to address issues around leadership selection, competence, team functioning, conflict resolution and impact on organisational culture. She has been active and teaching in this domain for over thirteen years. Prior to joining GIBS, she was part of an executive team in a financial services company for eight consecutive years and then joined an international consulting firm as a senior leadership consultant for four years. Since the MBA refresh and the commencement of the MPhil in Corporate Strategy in 2019, Caren has been teaching strategic leadership transition on these courses. In addition, she is a Professional Credentialed Execute Coach and has coached leaders transitioning to higher strategic levels in organisations for over 25 years. As an academic, Caren has published 38 case studies on strategic leadership dilemmas between 2014 and 2020. Prof Caren enjoys creative activities such as arts and crafts. These endeavours allow her to explore fresh approaches to old issues which, in turn, enables her to co-create unique solutions with her programme participants or executives in coaching engagements.