Operations Management

Digital Programme

Operations Management

Digital Programme


Increase profitability by streamlining business processes

Operations management aims to provide the best possible product to the customer while completing each phase of the manufacturing process as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 

Analyse, reorganise or redesign company processes that are required to run a business efficiently and effectively, as well as optimise the management, development and control of long-term business processes, production and profitability. 

Unpack the various resources required to reach your business goals, strategically mitigate risks, keep up with industry trends and implement business best practices to thrive in rapidly changing business environments.

Course breakdown

Week 1: Welcome to your online course 

Week 2: Introduction to operations management

Week 3: Design

Week 4: Planning and control

Week 5: Operations improvement

Week 6: Communicating operational requirements

Week 7: Case study

Week 8: Operational readiness assessment  

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be equipped to:

  • The ability to explain the purpose of operations management in a business context.

  • Summarise the relationship between objectives, requirements, planning and controlling.

  • Assess a fit-for-purpose operational designs and processes.

  • Evaluate operational requirements and communication strategies.

  • Assess frameworks and theories to drive operational improvements.

How will I learn?

Through diverse learning activities, you will:

  • Engage in workshops, breakout sessions and collaborative group work

  • Explore practical case studies

  • Practise interpersonal skills in small groups under the guidance of experienced coaches

Programme breakdown

This course is designed for learners who want to understand the principles and processes that drive operations management, employees who want to have a bigger impact at work, and those who want to become a business operations management authority in their workplace.

Your expert guides

Arran Brown

Independent Business Consultant (MBA)

Arran is accomplished consultant, athlete and founder who highlights the determination, discipline and consistency needed to thrive in today’s business environment. Arran encourages different ways of thinking and problem solving to add greater strategic value to businesses to achieve the best outcomes.